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Health Service Section of NCUE


About us


The Health Services Office has one chief, two nurses, and three physicians. We provides basic medical treatment and health education to teachers and students. NCUE signed contracts with hospitals in Changhua City to provide preferential registration fees for faculty and students of NCUE.


Tasks and responsibilities of the Health Services Office includes,

  • formulating work plans,
  • convening Health Committee and Catering Management Committee,
  • organizing freshmen health examinations and carry out health management after the exam,
  • CPR and AED trainings,
  • health consultation,
  • student cafeteria hygiene supervision and inspection, and
  • handling acute conditions.


The office also has a breastfeeding room, first-aid kit, canes, medical devices, and health magazines that may be borrowed.


  • Left side in front of the ceramic wall on the first floor of the stadium in Jinde Campus (ext. 5741, 5742).
  • In the back of B1 in the Mechanics Building on Baoshan Campus (ext. 7295).
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